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In 1979, a film was released based on the horrifying events 

that tormented the Schepp family in their Pennsylvania home.

Forty years later, the estranged family returns to bury the past

when an eccentric stranger appears, laying claim to the infamous house.

A quarrel over inheritance turns deadly, and the Schepps soon find themselves faced with a new terror. Bonds are tested as demons of past and present descend from outside as well as within, each hellbent on concluding the family's final chapter.


The Whooper Returns is a genre-bending horror film written and directed by Samuel Krebs, featuring an award-winning performance by David Flick (American Pickle, Unstoppable) and starring Nathan Hollabaugh (Halt and Catch Fire, Jack Reacher), Andrew Ashbrook Freed (Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt), Julia Best Warner (Ratched), Dylan Grunn, Rik Billock, and introducing Caroline Nicolian, Megan Bolton & Owen Miller.



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